Thinking of getting an ultraportable laptop/UMPC-suggestions?

Started by yashin, October 14, 2007, 01:17:21 AM

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Am thinking of upgrading my laptop.  I currently have a Fujitsu S-Series laptop, it is about 4yrs old now.  Am looking for something smaller and lighter.  Something that i can carry easily in my bag to work, and travel with would be great. My current one i want to pass to my parents so that they can keep in touch etc.-thats the reason.

I don't play games, just use the net and use the usual microsoft software- word, excel, powerpoint and publisher.

Like cars i think you have to get a decent model with good features if it is going to serve you well.

The one that caught my eye is the new Fujitsu U1010 - it is gorgeous - i have fallen in love with it today.  It costs about 650 UK here in asia ( about 1300 US dollar).
Anyone heard about this? I think it is the U810 in some countries.

Other suggestions?



For exactly the purpose you want it for, I myself recently bought the MacBook (or rather "BlackBook", to use the unofficial term) I'm typing this post on. If you appreciate, or can at least tolerate, the platform (Macintosh), I highly recommend it. 8)

(And even if you can't, you can boot Windows through a nifty feature called "Boot Camp".)

I bought it for around 1100 Euros, in Greece. :)

Edit: Wait, wait, was that "ultraportable"? Then no, no idea. :(

I still recommend the "portable-but-not-ultraportable" MacBook, though. It's served me well.