Author Topic: How do you keep track of/organize favorite tracks/pieces across your collection?  (Read 693 times)

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I have never had much trouble remembering where to find my favorite tracks/pieces/songs/what-have-you in my collection of 1000s of recordings (CDs, LPs, and their FLAC incarnations). Most of my collection is digitized to FLAC and most of my listening these days is at my computer (Foobar 2000) or on my portable Fiio X1. However, with the influx of fairly large box sets in recent years, I'm starting to lose track of where my favorites are. For example, I listened to the Buxtehude complete organ set (Harald Vogel) last year, but now am forgetting where to find my favorite pieces in the set. I am currently listening to the Sweelinck psalms (12 CD set). Most of these are short, and with 12 CDs, I will not remember for long where to find my favorites. SO, I've taken to actually marking the track numbers in the liner notes (actual paper notes included with the set!). What I'm going to do next is anyone's guess. Uhh, playlists I guess!

Making a playlist is something I've never bothered with, but I suppose this is the answer to my conundrum. Or is there a better way? How do you keep track of all your tracks?

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I use custom tags and a custom menu on my Logitech Media Server for browsing recordings by composer, work and artists.  I wrote my own tagging program for this.  Yes, this was tedious, but only new things have to be tagged now.