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Horror Movie Composers
« on: September 15, 2010, 07:19:37 PM »
Yes, I've totally gone over the deep end! :P

Because my head is spinning :-\ from trying to think of my favorite creepy,...or even otherworldly, and hey, Legend had a great song by Brain ferry, haha! ;D

But I think a legitimate score, which is also one of my favorite all-time themes (it's the descending minor key with the sixth), is the music for Phantasm. Did the director write the music? Check.

Which, of course, brings up John Carpenter's eternally famous theme for Halloween. Honestly, it's brutally childish, but it's fuuun, and music about...

haha..LOL...what are we talking about here??

please,...what kind of "historical" music are we talking about in this Thread? I'll skip many lines and give the answer, but if you want to guess now and compare, go.

HUNTING MUSIC!!! hahaha... isn't that funny? Horror movie music is actually Modern Hunting Music, much like Heavy Metal. oh, this is rich (lots of head shaking).

Another example I'd like to mention is from Terminator Salvation (bear with me ::)). There's a point we're all the good guys are in this desert town, and a giant machine robot shows up, and the "music" for the robot is just this perfect little whoop/growl from the 'tbones I think, but it's just the smallest sound but it perfectly denotes large hulking terror. It's a space-age update of the "shock brass" used in Planet of the Apes to indicate "My God, this is beyond my comprehension".

Obviously, I haven't mentioned any Composers, really. :-[ If this doesn't work, we can just go back to the Jerry Goldsmith Thread, haha. ::)

I know soooomeone's gonna bring up Curse of the Werewolf!

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Re: Horror Movie Composers
« Reply #1 on: September 16, 2010, 10:31:33 AM »
'Dead of Night' film-score by Georges Auric is perhaps my favourite horror film music - conveying a wonderful sense of looming catastrophe (this always appeals to me  :o)
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