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(For notes please see the introduction to the William Wordsworth Catalogue)


1948:      Variations on an Original Theme for string orchestra, op.1: 22 minutes
1949:      Symphony No.1 “Cyrano de Bergerac”, op.3: 30 minutes
                 Piano Concerto, op.4 (revised 1967): 19 minutes
1949-50: Clarinet Concerto, op. 7: 27 minutes
1950:       Sinfonia Concertante for Violin, Viola and Chamber Orchestra, op.8
1950-51: Symphony No.2, op.10: 30 minutes
1952:      Violin Concerto No.1, op. 15: 27 minutes
                Ballet “Clerk Saunders”
                Overture “Bartholomew Fair”, op. 17: 8 minutes
1953:      Symphonic Variations, op.19: 17 minutes
1956:      Scottish Dances, op. 32: 16 minutes
               “The Bermudas” for Baritone, Mixed Chorus and Orchestra, op.33: 27 minutes
1957:      Sonata for Chamber Orchestra, op. 34: 11 minutes
1958:      Five Love Songs for High Voice and Orchestra, op. 36: 18 minutes
               Concerto for Jazz Trumpet and Orchestra, op.37: 13 minutes
               “1912”- A Light Overture, op. 38: 6 minutes
1959:      Sinfonia for Two Orchestras: 15 minutes
               “Ecossaise” for orchestra: 7 minutes
1960:      “A Testament of War” for Baritone and small instrumental ensemble: 15 minutes
                Piano Concerto No.2 (revised 1987): 25 minutes
1962:      Arias for Small Orchestra: 12 minutes
1963:      Sonata and Variants for ten wind instruments: 15 minutes
             “The Chaining of Prometheus” for Band or Large wind Ensemble: 10 minutes
1964:      Concerto for Organ and small orchestra(revised 1988): 18 minutes
               Cantos for orchestra: 17 minutes
               Jubilee for orchestra: 9 minutes
1965:      Dialogues for Coloratura Soprano and chamber ensemble: 15 minutes
1969:      “Circus” for Two Trumpets and orchestra: 20 minutes
1970:   “Alastor” for orchestra: 20 minutes
             “Voyage” for Horn and Chamber Orchestra: 18 minutes
1971:      Violin Concerto No.2 “Amphion”: 25 minutes
1972:      “Commedia”-Concerto for Orchestra: 25 minutes
1973-74: Te Deum “Homage to Venice” for Mixed Chorus, Wind Ensemble and Percussion: 20 minutes
1975:   “Aurora” for orchestra: 12 minutes
             “To Columbus” for Mixed Chorus, Brass and Percussion: 20 minutes
1976:      “The Alexandrian Sequence” for Chamber Orchestra: 24 minutes
1977:   “Cleopatra”-Dramatic Scene for Soprano and Orchestra: 21 minutes
1981:   Symphony No.3 “Spring”: 26 minutes
             Symphony No.4: 50 minutes
           “The Morning Watch” for mixed chorus and ten wind instruments
           “La Ricordanza” for High Voice and Orchestra: 25 minutes
1982:   The Passion of Our Lord According to St. Mark for soloists, chorus, winds and strings: 120 minutes
1985:   “The Bright Heavens Sounding” for soloists, chorus and instrumental ensemble
1986:   “Prometheus” for Soprano, Mezzo-Soprano, Tenor, Baritone, Chorus and Orchestra: 60 minutes
            “Paris de crepuscule a l’aube” for High Voice and Orchestra
1987:   “Le Mort de Phedre” for Voice and Orchestra
1992:   Concerto for Harp and small orchestra: 20 minutes
1993:   “In Changing Light”-Four Impressions for orchestra: 22 minutes
1995:   “The Transit of Jupiter” for orchestra: 17 minutes
1999:   “Bulgaria”-Invocation/Evocation for orchestra: 23 minutes
2000:   “London”-Kaleidoscope for Piano and Orchestra