Author Topic: Schiphorst's Psychological Ventures into The Neurotic Underworld and Back!  (Read 1215 times)

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Iris ter Schiphorst 1956 - present

AMAZING! composer and new discovery for me. Her music is the first thing in new classical music, in recent months that has completely not only astounded but in disbelief. Her music is so vicious, cunning, unsuspecting, heavy, aggressive, electrifying, there's an increasing sense of intensity in many of her works, YET in pieces like DISLOKATIONEN, she manages to throw in a David Bowie reference?? out of fucking nowhere, it's incredible.

I won't give biography info (I don't know all of it myself yet either  ::) ) but I am amazed, astounded, polarized and in love  ;D  8)

You new-music folk heard of her?  :)