Author Topic: Is there a "Late Liszt List"?  (Read 20980 times)

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Re: Is there a "Late Liszt List"?: 'KLAVIERSTUCKE'
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I'm confused about these pieces. There seem to be two sets, composed at around the same time. Are they the same pieces? This is what we're looking at:




s192 (5 pieces)

s193 (F# Major)

A few cd collections, like Paul Lewis's on HM, contain FOUR 'Klavierstucke, and the Pochtar recital of Late pieces has FOUR 'Klavierstucke', and I've seen another issue that has 'Piano Pieces'.

I know that Brendel recorded the 'F#' for Philips, and, Howard has pieces on his 'Late' cd, but I'm having a hard time here. Can anyone help figure this out?

What I've heard on YT reveals some nice miniatures. Where is the best place?


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Re: Is there a "Late Liszt List"?
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I donĀ“t think the pieces are the same at least; Leslie Howard timings between S189, 192 and 193 are different, cf.

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Re: Is there a "Late Liszt List"?
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This disk of Afanassiev is my introduction to a few of Lizst's late works, I too am surprised at the stark, darkness of these works. They very much remind me of the horrifying nature of Kubrick's film Eyes Wide Shut, and the music used in the movie: Ligeti's piano cycle "Musica ricercata" and a late work of Liszt, "Nuages Gris".

Afanassiev's is the very longest B Minor on record, at nearly 42 minutes he is almost 8 minutes slower than the next slowest candidate, Pletnev at 34:32 - too much navel gazing for me.  Liszt's late pieces are wonderful, but there are better recordings.  Look for Alfred Brendel, Leslie Howard (one of his best volumes from his complete box but is also sold separately), and also Sergio Fiorentino.  But one of the most interesting recordings is by Jos van Immerseel, pn and Sergei Istomin, vc - the late works arranged for piano and cello.  Wonderful.