Rare 16-inch transcriptions

Started by Slezak, February 12, 2011, 02:38:04 PM

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  Hi. I have a number of excellent works on 16-inch transcriptions, dating from the late 1950's. They seem to be of works that haven't been commercially recorded, but all are great compositions. There's a bit of tracking sound on some, but for the most part, sound is very good.  These are relatively short works...around 20-some minutes...and will fit on two CD's. To compensate for my endeavors, I would charge $10.00, if anyone is interested.  They are:  Florent Schmitt-Sym. #2(1957)-French National Orch.; Charles Munch, cond.///Marcel Landowski-Sym. #1 John the Fearful(Jean de la peur) (1941 work); Manuel Rosenthal, cond. Orch. not given.///Charles Koechlin-Poem for horn & Orch, Op. 70 bis(1927). Paul Vangueluwe, horn; Edmond Appia, cond. orch."Live" perf.///Raymond Loucheur-Sym. #1(circa 1944)-French National Orch.; Manuel Rosenthal, conductor. Some of the great conductors of the period, in some extremely rare material. Let me know if these are of interest.  Steve Slezak  (spcv1@netzero.net)