An 'oh sh#$' moment ...

Started by Novi, April 11, 2007, 09:08:35 AM

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Durch alle Töne tönet
Im bunten Erdentraum
Ein leiser Ton gezogen
Für den der heimlich lauschet.


I'm guessing they should have started worrying once they saw that the moving company was named "Fine, Howard, and Fine Piano Movers".  If not, when the foreman told one of the workers to "pick two!" that should certainly have tipped them off.  :)

Nyuk Nyuk Nyuk...  Oh well, they can always switch to hanging wallpaper or become plumbers.


I was going to say that the piano will be great for falling arpeggios, but I didn't want to open the cheese. However, since that has already been done... ::)


It gives me pain to look at those pictures...  :'(

Knock on wood, so far I have been lucky with my piano delivery men. I moved three times with my Bechstein upright without incident. One initially worrisome and later hilarious event happened when I moved from Frankfurt to New York. The boss of the moving company who inventoried my possessions failed to notify the movers who came to pick up my stuff that there was a piano. Four guys could not move the instrument. Thankfully, they decided to call professionals. These two HUGE German guys showed up who looked like WWF wrestlers. One of them looked at the instrument and said: "Hm, what is this, Kawai?" Then he opens the lid and goes "Oh, no! Bechstein, they are soooo much heavier!" Anyway, they strapped on these weird belts I have never seen before or after that went around the back of their necks and had a hook at the bottom that hooked under the bottom of the piano and carried the instrument down five flights of stairs with relative ease.

Harvested Sorrow

That was an extremely painful read. :(