Author Topic: I have a Theory on Epstein private Island, horrific  (Read 414 times)

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I have a Theory on Epstein private Island, horrific
« on: November 24, 2019, 03:05:10 AM »
Remember something, In the time of tribulation, it has been said one of the ''dragon'' head would be knocked out, this was Jeffrey Epstein.

But the question I ask is there other cases of other little Saint James and other Epstein like monsters.

I bet if we send a drone in far east chance is there another billionaire Island of child trafficking, we should check all the privately owned islands, the forbidden private property islands, Look is Far east send dozens of drones in forbidden private property Island near Thailand and especially the Philippines because there are thousands of  Island, some are own by foreigners.
French Polynesia etc.
Something tells me there is more to this horrific history. What if Epstein was not a singular case, what if they were other Island and other monster trafficking children in far east, chance are there is.

They might be 10 Island like this around the world, It's time the world send drones in far east over private own property of billionaire.

Philipines as thousand of Island chance are there are still Island like this we are not aware of?

What if Epstein was just a token of  an international  sex trafficking ring across the worlds, we should not only focus on  Carribean Island  but far east, police should investigate all the dark web  and send an army of drone in the Philippines I bet you there are Islands  in Oceania that are just like this depraved  criminal island and there more Epstein person around.

International Police force should raid Island own by American, European and Jewish rich owners.

I bet there are several islands like this, it's a link of Island and Epstein not alone in children's trafficking.

Each suspicious Island should be checked.

Perhaps creep like him are not isolated case, Why not ask the police to investigated  Epstein friends that own Island in the far east.

I'm convinced there is another island like this in far east no one knows. Police should check if there are other islands like this around the planet. Chance is there is...

Look all these private property islands closely send drones all over the planet to monitor what happening, explore the dark web, not for drug dealing but sexploitation of minor and illegal pornography, perhaps there studio of this all around the world.

Look for were did rich pedophile took their vacancy, look for Michael Jackson's favorite resort, Look for Kadafi private resort, Jimmy Saville resort for a vacancy.

The media don't tell all truth about this story, I'm convinced it's a major thing, what I'm trying to say is if you look closely international police force.

The purpose of this intervention is to lock up and spotted all these rogues Island owned by the rich these so call private Islands. I bet if Epstein got kill in prison and the media say it's a suicide I don't buy this at all, perhaps Epstein was about to spill the been in court he was part of a cartel and people like him were more numerous than we think.

This subject disgusts me but I had to talk about it, we should destroy this sexploitation of minor business.

We should put all these billionaires pimps behind bars.

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