Author Topic: Adam de la Halle, Le jeux de robin & Marion+ Motets:early avant-garde?  (Read 127 times)

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I think there more to the cult
status central work, thus said ''Le Jeux de Robin et Marion''.

He lefts some Motets, songs, great music of his era, may I dare say notable, plain and honest, a credential composer of early medieval Ars Vetus honorable mention to be given.

I happen to have a multitude oof Adam de la Halle recordings most digital, But my best it's this Archiv Produktion from 1951 wow, this is a major, chunky fatty in good old Petrol, the black gold.  kind of 300 grams of it, perhaps some people out there might find him insignificant,but I don't, his pseudo Operatic work(early avant-garde) is outstanding , pretty & simple,  yet sung in such melodic pitch, very epic!

Who a Adam de la Halle Fan here,  what do you think elaborated, I recalled an album that was so bold and adventurous of Adam De la Halle whit clear vocal and marvelous instrumental parts.

I tell you he need to be revisited in analogue, for flavoring sake. 
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