Author Topic: Do you somehow enjoy Crust'sacred heart' or SWANS cop album in slow motion on LP  (Read 102 times)

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    classical, skronk-jazz, blues, experimental etc

I like this type of skronking industrial, destructive art-rock reckless but in slow motion it's better's

I'm all about skronk muddy, pure therien of noisy sludge,whom would ain't, perhaps I'm but early swans sound  better in slower motion.

Take note Gira it'S more confrontational...

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    A Steinway and a xylophone falling in slow motion down endless flights of stairs
Krautrock group Neu! made an interesting album Neu! 2 in 1973. Running out of studio time half way through they completed it by playing the tracks from their single at different speeds or messing with a cassette recorder. Super 16 came out sounding very industrial with death growls >:D.

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