Author Topic: noisy hell production on Bandcamp site tell me what do you think of my works ?  (Read 120 times)

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    classical, skronk-jazz, blues, electro, noise, ambient, experimental etc

This mine works, loud, heay,noisy, minimalism and atonal, ambient and whatever you call it. please comment on these song's
noisy,atonal, ''Schoenbergian'' works, my oddity, and art ambient
like these, minimalism, drone, organic ,experimenal & sometime surreal , brutal rendition or not whever you feel like, any critic positive ones pls ?
But I guess some will dig my work this is bands I made in thee past.

Yep were the day of skronk guitar/bass, drum machine and experimental track, minimal wave , dead wave.
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My works 20 year' anniversary noisy hell production on Bandcamp on the were featured works 6 projects  if you count Hexen! smoke and fire not a noisy hell production send positive critics, tracks, critic tell what ya think, need feedback from Students radio-show?: