For Fan of Cristobal de Morales, even noobs to renaisance buy this CD!!!

Started by Carlo Gesualdo, July 29, 2022, 09:47:24 AM

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Carlo Gesualdo

Okay  Cristobal de Morales  was record by  Brabant ensemble like it, but heard, Lauda spain label veriant of  his work like it a lot's was carried away by Capella DE Ministers ensemble  Lamentationes CD which I thought could be the best in a short list than heard ensemble Jachet DE Mantoue Morales release was blow away into peace of surreal joy in heart. whit streaming decided to buy the album was not expensive so, that for the mather, second its feature  Missa de Beata Virginie, Irate this one an absolute 5/5  stars perfection on Caliope label, who heard this and agree, this album you will trip out so much like oh woaw, what a sound , perfect polyphony, great voice everything very well done.  8)


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Carlo Gesualdo

Quote from: Todd on July 30, 2022, 06:56:00 AM
Is this the recording you refer to?
Yes  it is, and  I think it's  awesome, like to point out to Todd  and all GMG that rndrmblr Jachet DE Mantoue make a fine job whit English composer and there Josquin is super good a profigius ensemble that for sure. Mandatory I am 100% sure people who like pĆ“lyphony or Morales music advanced will love it.