Tine Surel Lange (born, 1989)

Started by hopefullytrusting, March 27, 2024, 12:36:57 PM

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Now, that Lange's Stein I-III has been uploaded to YouTube, I think she is more than deserving of her own thread.

From her About section on her website:

Arctic landscapes, surrounding sounds, mythologies, and sound choreography are some of the inspirations that shape the works of the Norwegian composer and interdisciplinary artist Tine Surel Lange (b. 1989, Vesterålen, Norway). Based in Lofoten, Northern Norway, her work is rooted in organic material – with a focus on listening, space, and how different connotations color how we listen to and experience art. Lately, she has been focused on sound choreography, 3D sound, sounding objects, sound for scenic productions, and creating conceptual works for sound and image – fascinated by magical realism and the impending doom of the human race.

Stein I-III on YouTube:

Here is the composer explaining the work:

Here's an interview between the brilliant oboist, Niamh Dell and the composer:


I love her work, especially its conceptualism - it is what I view as true extension of the form and technique of composition, aligned, with the neo-animist movement in tourism studies radiating from that region. Few things in music truly excite me, her work is one such thing.


It is odd, as the region is technically my diametric opposite, but I feel a deep connection to Scandinavia (well, my great-grandparents were from Sweden, but if anyone has met me, no one would ever guess that).

The contemporary band, Kraekk (if you are interested in the cutting edge - this band is one of those places to find it) band playing Lange's Metal and Glass and Metal and Metal:

Heavy on the sound exploration, harmonics, and rhythms. Good for stretching the ears.


Lange, currently, has one cd dedicated to her music: Works for Listening 1-10

An absolutely gorgeous cover with equally beautiful music (soundscapes).

I find the music deeply meditative, and I love how much dynamics and sound are explored. It can be purchased here, if you are interested:




Her Arctic Creatures:


This is one of those pieces that when viewing the images you become convinced that the music was crafted in lockstep, as if one didn't inspire the other, as they both came into existence simultaneously. I find that too be a rare gift to hear the land, to see the sound. Extraordinary.

As a side note, that channel and its sister, incipitsify, are two of the best places to hear music from living composers.