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Started by Sopranino, May 07, 2024, 03:33:10 PM

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Hello! I'm a music student and have recently started practicing harmonic dictations. I've been listening to four part voicings on piano and writing roman numerals and outer voices.  I'm looking for advice on where to go after I improve with this. Sure, the next logical step is to write out all inner voices for these 4 part piano dictations, but I want to eventually do an all-parts transcription of real music. Real music has a lot more complications, both with complexity and also just the difficulty of hearing through all the layers of instruments. Does anyone here have advice on where to find more practice at my current level (diatonic 4 part piano dictations), and how to get started with real music transcription?  Any recommendations for (easy) slow movements in string quartets or woodwind quintets that I should try writing out?

Secondary question: For transcribing real music, do I have to write out all or most voices in order to accurately figure out the related chords / roman numerals?  I can get by with only soprano and bass and good judgement when I do 4 voice piano dictation, but I don't know if that would still work for real music.  I do fine with recognizing chords in isolated drills, but I struggle a lot more with recognizing a chord in context.

Thanks!  I know this isn't directly about classical music, but I hope it's related enough.  I think transcribing real classical music is the best practice I can do next, but I don't actually play classical anymore and don't know where to start.


steve ridgway

Welcome to the forum :) . I know nothing about the subject but found this if it's any use - https://www.gmajormusictheory.org/HarmDict/harmdict.html