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Re: The Super-Duper Cheap Bargains Thread
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Thanks for the clarification - I read some of the above in a way that the new Warner version of the Teldec set contains stuff that was on Sony initially (and/or the other way 'round) and thought that would be really odd (hardly anything ever crosses the red lines between majors ... unless of course Warner just buys it all ...)

I was actually into (some) Ligeti way before I started listening to classical music, back in high school in the nineties - and I think Sony had just stopped it series around that time, or Teldec had started theirs and I read something about it all. The library back then had two of the three Wergo discs, which I copied onto K7 back then ... now I have that "set", too (three separate discs with some cardboard around 'em).

Am somewhat surprised to read the Sony is OOP as it seems I just bought it and it was cheap (less than 20Ä) ... but that was somewhat over 2 years ago and maybe they were dumping the last copies? I had the Aimard disc previously and was happy to pass it on to a friend who really wanted to have his own copy of it.
I knew that the DG was unrelated ... but the cover is so cool and the price was even cooler (I guess around 15Ä-ish) ... haven't yet explored much from it.

I forgot about the Wergo series. I particularly liked the Gielen-led discs. Great stuff. Anyway, my understanding of the Teldec recordings was they were new recordings for the time and werenít previously recorded by Sony. If Warner wanted the performances from Sonyís Ligeti Edition, they probably would have acquired them, but this, of course, didnít happen, so this why we have two different sets from two different labels. But in any way you look at it, people who admire this composer are rather spoilt with choices, which is a great thing.

Like you, I havenít explored the DG set, but Iíve been meaning to get around to it.
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