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Re: What TV series are you currently watching?
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I watched a few minutes of this. It's not for me. Just my two cents but ST is not what it once was. It's just too broad, too laborious or strained, too much trying to create some kind of arc, and not nerdy enough. I guess it's a bit silly to say, seeing as how this is the um-teenth iteration of the ST universe, but it feels very tired, uninventive, etc. I don't like any of the SF I see now-a-days. I think there's not the inventiveness there used to be in TV. Battlestar Galactica was a very creative show, at least aesthetically and thematically, though it could be very annoying at times. Everything feels very safe to me these days. There is so much that could be done I wonder why TV has become so lame.

As someone that has never seen any Star Trek (aside from an old roommate desperately trying for me to get into Voyager) I loved Discovery. I am a season behind so no spoilers there please :)

I only started watching non-sitcom TV when the so called "golden age" started and I think the first TV series that was of great interest to me was Lost. So I really started to get a taste for that "what will happen next" type of serial show where everything is connected and there is some grand story arc. This is why I  enjoy Discovery so much even if older fans hate it. Someone on another forum has put together a mini pack of old episodes/movie(s) to put some context around Picard, I plan to give this a go too. On that board old Star Trek fans seem to have more enthusiasm for Picard than for Discovery. Discovery is universally hated  :laugh:

I loved BSG :) The Expanse is another current sci-fi show I really enjoy. Dark on Netflix is also really good.
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