Author Topic: Regrets and Remorse you have in you're life,you should have do or said something  (Read 66 times)

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My greatest remorse was back in college at Saint-Laurent Cégep, I had few friends and so on, but once I had to escape like a coward darn deprofundis, I seen this crowd and leave hide in them out of shame because the moment was so shameful and  awkward it literally flabbergast me, my jaw almost felt, my eye were popping out.

So here the scenario we are three friends talking(one I would never seen afterward*).So the scene is simple I was at locker room whit friend number one Henry a tall Mulatto, but I mean he did not look even black nothing about his face character sold Him out and he shave is head, he was a giga normeous fellow 6''7 high for 325 lbs, a big goon, a nice dude, I diid not know myself by looking at him he was black, if he would had said it to me, I would ain't mind, he was no cliché black dude, like some Ganster chav of the getto, he was cool all and all that about it.

So we are three in from of our locker, and this guys from Trois-Rivière a town in Mauricie a region of Quebec province, Canada , just said stupidly, I will says in french: c'est un bonne chose  ont et dans les casiers des blancs ya pas un ''ostie''de N(word)= witch mean in English  a friend said to my other friend a mulatto noot know he was black , we are in the white man lockers there no stinking N(word).

In my head I was shock thinking of two major thing, my conscience would say either flee this moment or speak you're mind defend you're friend, my shame is I choose to coward to Flee and escape in a crowd not want to deal whit this, but a smaller voice  was telling me deprofundis defend you're friend, this thing you know and I should have done so. See I was never a strong anti-racist or racist, being one or another, this was futile to me, race question and issue were not there in my face, so I said heck let's not get involve in this , but that time lady & gentleman, I felt like such a loser for not speaking my mind to the other wrongful fellow.

Do you have an opinion on this tread Regrets, remorse, stuff you felt guilty not to do or says anything?

I hope this tread is a good one, I had to talk about it, sorry, because I felt lame back then...
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